YQL resource consumption (YCQL, YEDIS, YSQL)

I was wondering if I can get your thoughts on resource consumption related to using the different YQL query interfaces. I’m currently using YCQL and YEDIS endpoints but would like to also use YSQL. I see that I have to destroy and then create using enable postgres since their appears to be some setup required. Since there is a potential for me for using YSQL in the future if I enable it now on the hosts is there any resource considerations that I should worry about having it enabled but not really taking advantage of it right now.

Hi @Exocomp,

More than a resource issue, since YSQL is still in Beta, there could be a few
breaking/incompatible changes before GA (in approx. August timeframe).
Therefore, we recommend not enabling YSQL on production clusters yet.

Instead you could try out YSQL on a separate cluster and, if needed, enable it later on the main/production cluster (once it is GA).

@Exocomp, assume you intended to say YCQL instead of CSQL. Have corrected the post and title to reflect this.

@mihnea you have a good point, better safe than sorry.

@sid.choudhury yep, thanks for correcting it.