YSQL vs YCQL performance

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Does YSQL have performance and scaling capabilities equivalent to YCQL?


Hi Nico,

It uses the same architecture underneath. Currently YCQL is more efficient since it’s been stable for quite some time but YSQL is getting there and will be on par and better in complex query scenarios.

Can you explain the app that you’re building and I’ll be able to help.


Hi Nico,

To add to the previous reply:

You might also be interested in this blog. It shows some performance numbers for YSQL & YSQL, and also scaling the YSQL workload to 1M writes/sec (compared to say Amazon Aurora which is not a horizontally scalable SQL system).


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Can you explain the app that you’re building and I’ll be able to help.

I intend to use YugabyteDB for resources (normal CRUD: users, articles, etc).
Where the charge is very high it’s for the chat, all messages are stored and there is a presence system.
The operation of the presence system is: insert if not exists or update the user presence entry the user when the user join the chat, delete when the user leave the chat. Also, when the room where is the user is stored (so one update for each room change).

@kannan : The results are excellent and reassuring.

I deduce that YSQL will be good for everything, as a precaution YCQL for the presence system and the storage of messages.

Does this seem relevant to you?


Hi Nico,

That sound quite reasonable and completely aligned with the kind of use cases we built YugabyteDB for.

Let us know if you have any additional issues/questions on schema/data model or YCQL vs. YSQL.


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I will.
Thank you Kannan