Configuration recommendations

The question is: which configuration is the best for achieving 100-200k requests per sec? What might be tuned to improve overall performance?

Also I’m interested in how ulimits works, is it an analogue of resource groups?

Hi @olivan139

Please see Best practices for YSQL applications | YugabyteDB Docs & Deployment checklist for YugabyteDB clusters | YugabyteDB Docs for general info. After those it will depend on the workload.

Please see What is ulimit in Linux? - Scaler Topics

Thanks a lot for sharing info about ulimit!!!

I have already read general info about deployment and unfortunately haven’t found anything I need. I asked this question because I thought that someone has already faced similar conditions and found the best way to achieve “maximum”

The way to achieve maximum utilization is to use the database efficiently by following the best practices.

You can use GitHub - yugabyte/yb-sample-apps: Workload generator for emulating various real-world scenarios against YugabyteDB or Benchmark YSQL performance using TPC-C | YugabyteDB Docs as apps that follow best practices on the client side to benchmark the db.

Got it, thank you!

I also have a question about ycql and ysql. I have just found out that data and tables created with ycql are not accessible via ysql. Should I create another post with this question?

The question is: Is there any possibility to access common data and tables with ycql and ysql?

No, it’s not possible.

See FAQs about YugabyteDB API compatibility | YugabyteDB Docs for more info.