YEDIS still an option?

We are currently a REDIS deployment purely for caching results of frequently used queries with infrequently changed data (configurations, etc).

We are now considering to switch to YDB for our database, but saw the YEDIS interface as well in the docs. Would it be a better choice to start using Yugabyte for these cached results as well? Or is a REDIS deployment still better performing to quickly get data (string/json) based upon a Key? Or can we dump the REDIS deployment and starting using it through YEDIS?

Hi @stefandevo

You can try using with the YCQL backend. You can use TTL for expiration and can read from followers and it’s efficient.

Don’t use YEDIS, but try with YCQL layer.

For inserting it may be slower because it’s more strict in it’s replication but reading should be fine.