Terraform provider for Yugabyte

Hi Team,
Do we have yugabyte terraform provider available ?
I am planning to create Yugabyte universe using terraform.
I couldn’t find any terraform provider for the same. Is there a better way to do that apart from null_resource ?
Do we have this support in roadmap in near future ?


Hi @_mustafa_bhabhrawala

Have you seen GitHub - yugabyte/terraform-aws-yugabyte: A Terraform module to deploy and run YugabyteDB on AWS. ?

Hi @dorian_yugabyte,

Yes I have checked this link already. It itself is using the null resource to achieve things. Also this is automating whole YB Platform creation whereas I am just looking for YB universe creation / management automation in existing YB DB Anywhere setup which we have.
As of now the approach I am following is running API calls in null_resource of terraform to create / manage YB DB universes
Please suggest me if there is any better approach which I can implement here

Thanks & Regards,

I don’t believe terraform is the correct tool for that.

Maybe a deployment tool like saltstack,chef,etc would be better for this?