Understanding YugaByte through a simple enterprise solution

Dear YugaByte team,

During the weekend, I read a tweet about your product launch from stealth and myself a technology & data enthusiast thought of understanding your product. Studied your documentation, downloaded and setup quick start YB universe. You maintained very good documentation and setup instructions, everything worked perfectly except that for Windows 8 users (my home system) Docker tools is required instead of Docker core though it is not YB concern. Eventually, I deployed in Azure Ubuntu environment.

You Use Cases documenration is excellent especially “Similar Applications” section. Personally designed such “similar apps” and thought of taking my YB understanding to next level. For this reason, I developed a simple excel sheet describing my simple app thoughts and my approach. Attached is an excel sheet with my thoughts detailed and wanted your inputs on my approach.

Also I wanted to check with you how do I get Trial enterprise license to understand YB adminsitration capabilities.

One question I want to ask or observe is - for IT staff (especially focusing on disk backups etc) how can they plan backup of disks where YB writes and reads the data.

I tried to attach the Excel fill but your forum accepts only images so converted the excel into an image.

Kishore Veleti A.V.K.


Hi Kishore,

Thank you for downloading and trying YB, we are very excited about that! We have not yet added instructions for trying YB on Windows 8, but will try to do so soon.

Glad to hear you liked the use-cases section. Thanks for the detailed excel sheet, it really looks good! Most of the details you have written are correct, and definitely leverage us where we can help.

I wanted to check with you how do I get Trial enterprise license to understand YB administration capabilities.

Please email us at sales @ yugabyte.com, and we can get you setup on the trial enterprise edition. Looking forward to it.

Hi Karthik,

Thanks for your quick reply appreciate it, I will surely check with you if I need any help.

Kishore Veleti A.V.K.

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