Resource limitation per tenant

If one takes database as a tenant, how to limit resources usage like CPU, RAM and iops per database? I only found how to set connection limit when creating database, but nothing about limiting resources utilization. Could you give advice on how to achieve it?

Hi @olivan139

This is not currently possible. I don’t know of any database on the market that offers this though.

Custom coding. Or using containers/cgroups and have separate servers/processes for each tenant.

Greenplum offers resource groups and users can be assigned to these groups. So adding all users which have access to a tenant (database) will be limited in using resources. So I thought that you might have smth similar :slight_smile:

What do you think, where is the best place to add this logic in code?

If database is taken as a tenant, then I guess separating it by server will be not that effective. But I am interested in processes. If limiting resources to processes, than how to separe them by database?

As a possible solution, you can consider a mix of tablespaces and partitions. For example, you can create a multi-node YugabyteDB cluster. Then assign each node to one of the custom tablespaces. After that, create partitions for each tenant and pin those partitions to respective tablespaces.

As a result, you’ll have a cluster of nodes with each node(s) storing data and serving traffic for a particular tenant.

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Also we’d like to add this functionality in our version. First step is to limit disk space per database and as soon as we add this functionality, we can make a PR in github, if you are interested in it.

Looks like Greenplum uses cgroups too from their docs.

See Contribute to YugabyteDB | YugabyteDB Docs. It’s best to create an issue with the design of the feature before making a PR.

Before that you probably need to calculate the size of the db [YSQL] Support for pg_database_size() · Issue #19158 · yugabyte/yugabyte-db · GitHub, so I guess you can start on this.