YB-cloud - free tier - CREATE TABLESPACE issue

Hi all… just set up a new yugabyte cloud free tier to perform some evaluation, I would like to migrate our postgres db to yb-cloud… Now… everything seems ok but… first issue: I would like to create a new tablespace but… I get this:

ERROR: permission denied to create tablespace “xxx”
HINT: Must be superuser to create a tablespace.
SQL state: 42501

now… the error is quite clear…
the “admin” account seems not to be a superuser

now question is: is this a limitation of the free-tier cloud… or is it an overall limitation of the YB-cloud platform?

fyi the command is:

CREATE TABLESPACE xxx WITH (replica_placement=’{“num_replicas”: 1, “placement_blocks”: [{“cloud”:“AWS”,“region”:“xx”,“zone”:“xx”,“min_num_replicas”:1}]}’)

(xx has the real values… just scrambled out the real values)

thanks all for help

Hi Alessandro! Today we do not allow SUPERUSER access to neither free tier nor paid clusters. This is due to security reasons. However, this is something we can help you set up from the backend. Can you provide us with some more insight into what you are looking to accomplish? Are you trying to set up row-level geo-partitioning, or do you need to create tablespaces for a different reason?


ok - no issues, I will use the default tablespace for my evaluation.

Good to know that, if needed, in the official paid cluster I would eventually get your help if I need to create a custom tablespace.