Yugabyte Cloud superuser

Is there a way to connect as a superuser to a yugabyte cloud cluster? Trying to setup Hasura on a free cluster but the default admin role doesn’t have superuser privileges

Hi @andrewMacmurray , please share the error with us. A screenshot also works. Are you attempting to enable PG extensions by chance?

@Marko_Rajcevic sure, it’s basically these commands I’m trying to run: Postgres requirements | Hasura GraphQL Docs

And yea, it’s trying to enable the pgcrypto extension, which it’s getting stuck at:

It also gets stuck at granting read access to tables in information_schema and pg_catalog:

These are the roles on the cluster:

I’m logged in as admin.

Thanks @andrewMacmurray ! We currently do not allow user side creation of PG extensions through the console, this will be available soon. However I can get the extension added on your cluster. Can you please share your email, cluster name, and host name? Please let me know if there are any additional extensions you want us to enable.

Thanks @Marko_Rajcevic! Drop me an email on a.macmurray@icloud.com and I can send you the details.

The only extension I need is pgcrypto thanks!