How to access Web UI with real ip address?

Hi guy,

I just created a 3-node local cluster in my vmware virtual machine which IP is
Now, I have 3 Nodes at,,, and in yb-ctl statu it shows

Web UI              : 

I’m wondering how to access this web page with


Can you pls confirm that you have allowed the 7000 port for external access via AWS Admin Console? Documentation is here:

Thanks for reply.

But I’m not using AWS, it’s just deployed on my laptop in VMware (centos 7). I have also stopped the firewall service.

And the netstat shows is listening. How to make it like LISTEN or maybe LISTEN

Got it thanks, apologies for not reading your question properly.

yb-ctl is meant for local development and functional testing only. It is not meant to reflect a true multi-node cluster that you would use for performance testing and/or production. So you can the following two modes with yb-ctl:

  1. Single node RF1cluster where the bind IP address for all ports can be bound to using the listen_ip param. This is the mode you use if you want to have external access.
  2. Multi-node (say 3-node RF3) cluster where the bind IP addresses are a bunch of loopback IP addresses since binding to by even one set of servers will immediately lead to all addresses getting occupied. Hence, this mode is only meant for internal access.

So all you have to do is to simply do the default yb-ctl create --listen_ip= which will create a single node RF1 cluster with external access instead of the multi-node mode you are using today.

For a single node RF1 yb-ctl that listens on a different interface from, the command would look like:

$ bin/yb-ctl destroy # delete the older cluster first

followed by
$ bin/yb-ctl start --rf 1 --listen_ip=
You can also set --listen_ip to a specific network interface like

Thank you so much @sid.choudhury @sanketh for your kindly and detailed explaination.

I’ve totally understood my problem and the solution.

Have a nice day …