Running yb-ctl status does not give the node information

Hi, I was trying to manually deploy yugabyte db in my docker container with three nodes(three containers) and a replication factor of three. Things seem to work as expected but when I tried to run yb-ctl status with the directory the data is stored as input, it shows this:

while i tried to create a table in one of the containers and access it on another one, it works fine. And the nodetool also gives me the expected number of nodes.

Is this expected or did I do something wrong?

Thank you!

I think you should use which manages a cluster with local containers.

Does that work for you ?

Thanks for your reply. Let me show the steps that I have followed:

  1. Create my own docker images and download yugabyte inside my image.(I have to control the users and different settings inside my containers.)
  2. run 3 containers with my docker image in a VM and provide the master IP and location where data is to be stored with RF = 3. I run yb-master and yb-tserver scripts after my docker container is up with the required arguments.
  3. Check the logs for master and tserver and everything is working fine.
  4. Connect to Yuga Cassandra using cqlsh with my IP and port.
  5. Create a keyspace and table.
  6. Connect to a different yuga container that I had run earlier, connect to cassandra and see the keyspace and table created.
  7. Do the yb-ctl status as shown in the image above, and I don’t see my cluster, which according to my understanding should have 3 nodes and RF = 3.

Commands that I run to start my yb-master and yb-tserver. Let me know if you would like to see the logs as well.

–rpc_bind_addresses={current IP of my container}

–rpc_bind_addresses={current IP of my container}
–cql_proxy_bind_address={current IP of my container}:9042

Hi @AndrewLiuRM

The yb-ctl status is only meant to be used for local clusters that are created using yb-ctl itself.

For your setup, try:


to view the nodes in the cluster.

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Got it! I tried both and it seems like everything is working well! Thank you!

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Awesome. Glad to hear!