FATAL: GetTableSchemaRpc time out after deadline expired

[New to YB]
I have a YB deployed on 3 nodes. all of them have master and Tserver services running, A couple of nodes are complaining about the below error when I run ysqlsh. Can someone help me understand this below error

ysqlsh: FATAL: GetTableSchemaRpc(table_identifier: table_id: “000033bd000030008000000000001f64”, num_attempts: 5) timed out after deadline expired, passed 137.123s of 120.000s

Does this happen only when you open it? Or run some query?

Can you post more logs from these yb-tservers? You can upload zipped in google driver or smth and link here.

Hi @dorian_yugabyte, ysql port got stuck due to network blips. DB operations were working. Rolling-Restart of yugabyted service fixed the connectivity issue. Thank you for your response!

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