Unable to enter ysql shell and


I have installed YugabyteDB in RHEL 7.9 (4 node cluster).
I have started yb-master server with below commands on one VM

bin/yb-master --fs_data_dirs=/opt/yugabyte/yugabyte-,/home/yugabyte --server_broadcast_addresses= --master_addresses= --replication_factor=3 --enable_ysql=true --rpc_bind_addresses= --metric_node_name=yb-master-0 --memory_limit_hard_bytes=1824522240 --stderrthreshold=0 --num_cpus=2 --undefok=num_cpus,enable_ysql --default_memory_limit_to_ram_ratio=0.85 --leader_failure_max_missed_heartbeat_periods=10 --placement_cloud=AAAA --placement_region=YYYY --placement_zone=YYYY &

I have run the below command on other three VM:

bin/yugabyted start --base_dir=/opt/yugabyte/yugabyte- --listen=–join=

bin/yugabyted start --base_dir=/opt/yugabyte/yugabyte- --listen=–join=

bin/yugabyted start --base_dir=/opt/yugabyte/yugabyte- --listen=–join=

Issue 1 : Unable to open YSQL shell and I am getting below error:

ysqlsh: FATAL: Query error: GetTransactionStatus: tablet_id: “6c97d7b075474f7386b84976072fdc9b” transaction_id: " \324\312\224\301\303E#\266\030\303\263\336\246\246\243" propagated_hybrid_time: 6648136544261406720, retrier: { task_id: -1 state: kRunning deadline: 243795.001s } passed its deadline 243795.001s (passed: 5.232s): Illegal state (yb/tserver/service_util.h:132): Tablet not RUNNING: FAILED (tablet server error 12) (raft group state error 2)
[yugabyte@yugabyte-]$ timed out waiting for input: auto-logout

ysqlsh: FATAL: Query error: GetTransactionStatus RPC (request call id 122812876)

Hi @janani_in

Can you use a newer version ? Example: use the 2.7.x versions.
Which guide did you follow to set up the cluster ? I don’t think we have a guide where we combine starting yb-master manually and starting yugabyted together.

Hi Dorian,
Sure, I will try with a new version.

could you please guide me with the steps to start a cluster with RHEL VMs.
I didnt find any guide, i just tried all the commands.

You can follow this guide: Manual deployment of YugabyteDB clusters | YugabyteDB Docs

Or this one which has a little more complex setup/features: Manually deploy on Amazon Web Services | YugabyteDB Docs