ERROR: GetTransactionStatus RPC

I am getting error as below, while querying from a table,

select score from d_table where score not in (‘200’,‘0’) limit 10;
ERROR: GetTransactionStatus RPC (request call id 6857754) to xx.xx.xx.78:9100 timed out after 1.660s

ERROR: Perform RPC (request call id 113) to xx.xx.xx.74:9100 timed out after 602.000s

Please suggest how to resolve this. Also Is this 602.000s time refers to a config value?


The timeout is hardcoded when ysql_client_read_write_timeout_ms is not set. Here are all details: “ERROR: Perform RPC timed out after 602.000s” in YSQL - DEV Community

About ERROR: GetTransactionStatus RPC it seems that the transaction table is not available. Is your cluster balanced or is there some node failure higher than the defined fault tolerance? A screenshot of http://yb-master:7000/tablet-servers may help, and http://yb-master:17000/tablet-replication as well

Seems to be related to Tablets are not splitted evenly - #17 by subh14

Transaction table is present under LeaderLess tablets under replica info. Load balancer is on, still cluster load is not balanced for too long.

Please help me to understand this line
is there some node failure higher than the defined fault tolerance

does it mean that if some nodes are down for too long like 2/3/4 days and once those nodes are just started to add to cluster after those many days. Can this happen?