Any safe way to stop cluster created using yb-master and yb-tserver?

I’ve created a three node cluster with RF=1 . 1 yb-master and 3 yb-tservers. The cluster works just fine.The question is, is there any safe way to stop and restart the cluster? There isn’t any flag to specifically stop the entire cluster and restart it back again.

As a workaround, currently I’m stopping the cluster by killing the processes running yb-tserver and yb-master and restarting it all over again by providing --flagfile(same as initial startup). This however doesn’t sound to be very efficient way.

Hi @Shahrukh_Shaikh

For now, you can flush all tablets before killing the process so that startup will be much faster:

./bin/yb-ts-cli flush_all_tablets

In your case it shouldn’t be a problem. The servers will just do WAL recovery from the latest checkpoint.