Yugabytedb not started


I have installed yugabytedb on my ubuntu 18.4 server but I have start the DB but not started while checking status it is showing stopped only.Please give proper solution for start my yugabytedb

Hi @vignesh203

How did you install the database ? Can you get some logs from the db ?

Thanks for your response,

I have installed a database following this document https://docs.yugabyte.com/latest/quick-start/install/linux/ . we got some error while start a database that error i have mentioned below.

Starting yugabyted…
WARNING: Failed to meet recommended settings. Ulimits too low - open_files.
Note yugabyted will still run, although it may fail for larger workloads. For more info, see https://docs.yugabyte.com/latest/deploy/manual-deployment/system-config

Found files [‘yb-data’, ‘master-info’] in data dir /root/var/data from possibly failed initialization. Removing…
/ Running system checks…Failed to setup master. Exception: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./bin/yugabyted”, line 972, in setup_master
if retry_op(self.wait_master, timeout):
File “./bin/yugabyted”, line 2662, in retry_op
raise RuntimeError(“Failed after retrying operation for {} secs.”.format(
RuntimeError: Failed after retrying operation for 182.12889957427979 secs.

For more information, check the logs in /root/var/logs
root@DESKTOP-HDVS1P1:/home/ramya/yugabyte- cat /root/var/logs
cat: /root/var/logs: Is a directory
root@DESKTOP-HDVS1P1:/home/ramya/yugabyte- ./bin/yugabyted status

Can you do ./bin/yugabyted collect_logs and send the zip package ?
Please also fix the “Ulimits” warning too.

Thanks Sir,

I have attached a log report. Please check and give me a solution sir.

(Attachment yugabyted collect_logs.txt is missing)

@vignesh203 there is no attachment by email. Can you upload it somewhere and paste the link ? (or send me the link by DM)

Thanks sir,

Please check this below link.


You have uploaded the yugabyted binary. Please upload the .zip package that is generated from collect_logs command.