Is it recomended to create a cluster in production by yugabyted?

There several ways to create a DB cluster. Firtst by running ./bin/yb-tserver and then ./bin/yb-tserver on nodes. And there is one more command ./bin/yugabyted what is the difference between them and which is recommended in production mode?
./bin/yugabyted supports horizontal scaling?

Hi, yugabyted is a wrapper to make it easier to start but it runs yb-tserver and yb-master commands like you would do manually. You can look at the commands run ( ps -o cmd -p $(pgrep -d, "yb-master|yb-tserver") | sort ) and also calls yb-admin to configure (for example it updates the replication factor to 3 when there are at least 3 nodes started). You can use yugabyted for production.