Event Stream API support

Hi There , Any plans for event stream listener api ? Use case would be to hookup Solr for full text search and need to listen to the DB events to build search index

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This is a roadmap item (essentially a change data capture mechanism) slated for a future release.

Can you share a bit more details? Presumably you want ability to turn this feature on on a per-table basis and capture all changes to the table or finer-grained - such as changes only to specific columns on the table?


  1. CDC event stream. Can be modeled similar to existing systems such as goldengate, dynamodb streams, mongo change streams. (previous version & new version, changed fields only with primary key)
  2. Push Model : Optional delivery to Kafka and or a webhook with security & authentication
  3. Pull Model : Optional persistence of change events to another yugabyte table with offsets/ sequence id
  4. Advanced : Ability to setup multiple subscriptions for delivery of events based on certain filters / conditions met
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