Integrating Elasticsearch with YugaByteDB

I came across a very interesting project called Elassandra, that integrates Elasticsearch with a Cassandra DB (e.g. Elasticsearch indexes are stored in and replicated by Cassandra).

Do you think something similar would be interesting for YugaByteDB as well, or already on the roadmap?

Thank you,

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Hi @kisg,

We are aware of this project and did look into it. This would be super interesting and something in the long-term roadmap, but not being worked on at the moment. A few points about Elassandra:

  • The project has made some changes to the core of Apache Cassandra, and does not seem to use CQL. So two issues here - this makes it harder to get the project as is to run on Yugabyte DB as is, and folks using Elassandra would have to use a forked version of Apache Cassandra with changes to the core.
  • A number of users ask about auto indexing and providing a search API for the data written into the database, but with transactional guarantees. Apache Cassandra does not support transactions, and hence Elassandra search indexes may not be consistent with data. This is something we can do in Yugabyte DB.

Interested to hear more about your use-case though… we’re also looking into GIN indexes of PostgreSQL (generalized inverted indexes) and so would love to see how to satisfy your use-case.