Connect a spring app to both Yugabyte and Cassandra cluster

We have a spring application connecting to 2 Cassandra clusters. We need to replace one of the Cassandra cluster with a Yugabyte. Since Yugabyte drivers and Cassandra drivers are the same what is the approach to be taken here for the spring app write to both Yugabyte and Cassandra database.

How to avoid the conflicts between the drivers? Is it possible to keep only Yugabyte driver as dependency use the same to connect to Cassandra cluster too?

Hi @Gage

Note that we have our own forked drivers that you should use with YugabyteDB GitHub - yugabyte/cassandra-java-driver: YugabyteDB Java Driver for YCQL, based on the DataStax Ja.

The partitioning function changes between YugabyteDB & Cassandra, so I’d suggest you use the correct driver for each one.