Using gocql driver to talk to yugabyte DB

Our backend service is currently using
gocql driver GitHub - gocql/gocql: Package gocql implements a fast and robust Cassandra client for the Go programming language.
to talk to Apache cassandra.

We would like to migrate from Apache cassandra to yugabyte DB

  1. Does the backend service need to replace GoCql driver with yugabyte driver(GitHub - yugabyte/gocql: YugabyteDB Go Driver for YCQL, based on the gocql Driver) to talk to YugabyteDB? because Yugabyte Go Driver for YCQL is based on a fork of GoCQL driver.

  2. Is there a DB dialect change? Because we set PROTO_VERSION for GoCQL driver

  3. Can gocql driver perform TLS communication with yugabytedb?

Hi @sham_yuga

Yes use our fork. It has support for JSONB and support for our partitioning scheme.

The driver should work with no configuration change.

Yes. See Enable client-to-server encryption | YugabyteDB Docs