Can yugabyteDB be used for storage & streaming?

We have GoLang backend service:

  1. Storing data in yugabyte DB
  2. Publishing the same data to Kafka

Step 2 was necessary so that consumers can stream through kafka

Can yugabyteDB help stream data, once a new row created in a table? to avoid maintaining kafka…

Hi @sham_yuga ,

You will be able to do this with YugabyteDB CDC steams as soon as it is available. This work is in progress and can be tracked here.

Does streaming responsibility(in addition to storage), comes with a compromise that there could be noisy neighbours or bad consumers to knock out a database?

So, how does authorization/authentication designed to have right neighbours as consumers?

Does yugabyte db support streaming with push model?

I believe so. But assuming the CDC get_changes() will be efficient, probably not.

I don’t believe at first. You can ask on the github issue [Master]Add Change Data Capture (CDC) APIs to stream data out of YugabyteDB · Issue #9019 · yugabyte/yugabyte-db · GitHub for more clarity.


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Can you ask on #11287 ?

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