Enabling Authentication in a Docker Yugabyte container

I’ve been trying to enable YCQL authentication in order to create roles within a local Yugabyte cluster. I’ve entered the docker container running yugabyte by using the command “docker exec -it --privileged bash”, and then running “./bin/yb-tserver --fs_data_dirs “/home/yb-tserver-dir” --use_cassandra_authentication=true”. However, I’m getting an error saying “bash: lsof: command not found”. Is there another way that I should be enabling YCQL authentication?

Notes: I followed the steps here under the Docker tab to install Yugabyte and create the local cluster: https://docs.yugabyte.com/latest/quick-start/install/.

Solved: Used the command “./yb-docker-ctl create --use_cassandra_authentication”.

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Thx @Jason_Z_Ma for reporting and sharing the resolution of the issue!