Docker Swarm across 2 sites or xCluster?


Following my previous question I discovered Franck’s github demos for Yugabyte at Thank you for this.

This is probably a basic question (that would work itself out with a few days of messing around with the demos) but thought it worth confirming.

I am wondering if for the attached (image) setup I should be trying to setup xCluster/Asynchronous Replication between Site A and Site B as described in or simply create a single swarm of containers across both sites. Is there any reason that xCluster/Async won’t work?

Some notes:
Basically there are two physical sites that connect into a single telco company.

Via dynamic dns I can get a static url that maps to whatever the variable IP address of the link is at the time.

Internally to each site the machines only natively talk to each other via their internal IP addresses but use the dynamic dns to communicate with machines at the other site via port forwarding.

The goal at this stage is a yb-master and yb-server on each node.

Perhaps it’s all handled by the magic of Docker networking and Yugabyte works seamlessly with all that?

Thanks again

No, this is not possible. The servers will need to connect to each other directly like they do internally. Think A2 sends/receives changes to B2 directly.

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