Difference between "YBClient latency" & "YBclient Ops local vs remote"

We have YCQL tables in yugabyte database(version 2.4).

In the below chart from yugaware:

  1. “YB client Ops Local vs remote” metric indicates count for local & remote reads, What does values 0.1, 0.2 signify on y-axis of first chart(above)?

  2. How do I correlate first chart with second chart(YBClient Latency)?

#1 is RPS. 0.1 means you had less than one operation per second during a period of time, represented by particular point on this chart.
#2 is average latency.
RPS and latency may correlate, and may not correlate on these low RPS numbers, I guess.
In case of higher RPS you’ll probably see that latency grows with RPS.


In the above chart, we have high RPS, but,
How do I correlate RPS(reads per second) with latency? for remote read…

Not sure what you mean here.
Above charts show that your DB processes 1 RPS and 10 RPS with the same latency - which means it’s not overloaded and have enough power to process this workload. Most probably remote read latency in this chart just shows RTT between the DB nodes.
Which type of correlation do you expect?