Anyone who can give an invitation to slack

I’m eager to join yugabyte slack, but it’s restricted to three email domain.

Anyone who can give an invitation link ?

Hi, this should work: Join yugabyte-db on Slack | Slack

@baiwfg2 does going to and clicking on “Community → Slack” on the top menu not work for you ?

@dorian_yugabyte Seems not work for me.

@FranckPachot Yours works.


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The Community → Slack takes you to a signup limited to

Hi @crabhi thanks for bringing this to our attention. To be clear on where you are encountering this issue, you are going to Community - Yugabyte and then clicking on the Join Our Slack button ?

Does this invite work ?

That one seems to work, sorry, I was at another page: Community Rewards - Yugabyte