Looking fo a writer

Hello everyone,

the German Linux-Magazin, by the way the oldest still existing magazine on this topic in the world, is planning a focus on “databases in the cloud” in the issue 01/23. An article about Yugabyte would of course fit into this issue. So we are looking for an author who can write a Yugabyte introduction for us. The text should describe

  • What problem(s) is Yugabyte trying to solve?
  • What is the strategy to achieve this goal?
  • What are the limitations? Which workloads are inappropriate?
  • The technical solution in detail
  • How can I test the database?
  • The future: planned developments

Readers are IT professionals, but not necessarily database experts. We do not explain IT basics. I expect 4 to 6 pages of 4000 characters each. The deadline for submissions is November 7. We pay a fee of 80 Euro/page.

Who is interested? Please contact me under jens-christoph.brendel@computec.de

Many thanks in advance

Hi Jens-Christoph, I’m Developer Advocate at Yugabyte. I’ll contact you. My first question will be: can we submit in English or should it be German