Yugabyte Query Pattern / Tracing in CQL


Does Yugabyte has any tools that can observes the query’s pattern?
Or record statement being executed?
I.E. tracing in Cassandra

Tommy Yuen

There is an auditing feature that can show you queries in logs

There is also a dashboard for this if you use YBAnywhere.

You can also use ybtop to capture ycql and ysql queries in the real time.

Please mind the distinction between YSQL (postgres API) and YCQL (cassandra API).
These two are technically different APIs and have a different implementation.

The OP asks about CQL and mentions tracing in cassandra, which means it’s a question about YCQL.
Like @yogi mentions, YCQL audit can record statements, and perform some categorisation.

The slow queries are unique to YSQL. The slow queries overview is derived from the pg_stat_statements view, which does not exist in YCQL.
The live queries are derived from the /rpcz endpoint, and provide currently active queries, without history.

As @James007 suggests, there is a utility called ybtop, which allows you to display currently active queries too: GitHub - fritshoogland-yugabyte/ybtop: A utility that provides an overview of active YugabyteDB sessions alike the 'top' utility

thank you for the info. we trying both suggestions.