What will be the motivation to move from cassandra to YB

I am currently going through Yugabyte courses and trying to understand the advantage that one may get by moving from cassandra to YB. I see YB uses RAFT while Cassandra uses PAXOS for consensus. Does RAFT provide better performance? Are there any other advantages one will get by moving to YB from Cassandra.

Apache Cassandra’s basic DML operations do not use Paxos. It is eventually consistent. Only for operations such as INSERT … IF NOT EXISTS or UPDATE … IF EXISTS… (and a few others like these which need read-modify-write atomicity) they use Paxos… they refer to these as light-weight transactions, and it requires about 4 network round-trips.

YugabyteDB uses Raft in a fundamental manner. So the key difference between the two systems is not about Raft vs. Paxos… but the scope of operations for which a distributed consensus protocol (like Raft or Paxos) is used.

To read about other differences/advantages, see here: Compare Apache Cassandra with YugabyteDB | YugabyteDB Docs