Unable to determine master addresses

I have a 2 cluster database setup… I changed the “–advertise_address” flag to another IP and restarted YB, and it failed to start with the error “Could not locate the leader master: Unable to determine master addresses”. I then changed the IP back to the original address, but I still received the same error. The logs show:
Master address list updated, new list:
cmd: [‘/yugabyte-’, ‘–master_addresses’, ‘’, ‘get_universe_config’]

Can anyone offer some insight?

Hi @thesmith

Can you explain what you mean by this? What’s your RF and how many servers do you have?

Did you change the –advertise_address of yb-master ot yb-tserver?

Hi @dorian_yugabyte… thanks for your response.
I’m using the yugabyted process. Regarding the number of DB servers, this is 2 (sorry, I said 2 clusters, misspoke). I changed the -–advertise_address that is passed into the yugabyted command. I changed to a second IP on the server… however, this seems to have broken things, and I don’t understand why. Even changing it back to the original IP, no joy.

Note that generally 2 nodes setups aren’t supported (assuming you meant RF2?) Deployment checklist for YugabyteDB clusters | YugabyteDB Docs

Also, please paste the full log lines?