Starting up 3 YB-Masters for the first time

As a new user I am still wrapping my head around yugabyte. I’m trying to transition beyond the simplistic setup from “yugabyted start”

I created 3 vm’s running ubuntu 20: db1,db2,db3

When I launch the first YB-Master it gives me a peer not initialized when I look to the web UI for a status. What appears to work is if I use the loopback address of the YB-Master I’m starting to initialize, then after I run it this way I can then run it using the local network address.

This is what I was expecting to use to startup all YB-Masters for the test run:
–master_addresses db1:7100,db2:7100,db3:7100
–fs_data_dirs “/home/ubuntu/data”

however it appears on the first run for db1 I must use the loopback address of to get past the initialization error.

Once ran with the loopback address, future starts seem to work with the configuration parameters that could live on all 3 servers without the need to make each configuration different. “–master_addresses db1:7100,db2:7100,db3:7100”

I presume its my unintentional misuse of configuration parameters due to lack of understanding.

Thanks for any help in the right direction

After much experimentation it appears one must specify rpc bindings for both local and remote access (although I’m guessing as to what the communication topology is between the masters and how they use the rpc port)

The following config worked for me. (rpc_bind_addresses 192.168.1.x is the only change for each server config to make it work)

One other important thing I didn’t see mentioned in the docs is when you launch each Master, until all masters specified in the replication_factor are launched and busy spitting out log entries… you won’t get a quorum needed to satisfy the replication_factor. In my case 3. So each UI:7000 screen shows only a single MASTER until the quorum is reached. Once the quorom is reach, UI:7000 suddenly shows all 3 MASTERS. Also, if you kill one of the Masters the UI seems to have a bug where it doesn’t properly display the status of the third master. It shows one of the MASTERS twice rather than showing one of the MASTERS is offline.

yb-master \
--master_addresses,, \
--fs_data_dirs "/home/ubuntu/data" \
--replication_factor=3 \
--rpc_bind_addresses=, \
--logtostderr \
--webserver_interface \
--metric_node_name=yb-master-0 \
--placement_cloud=AAAA \
--placement_region=XXXX \