PostGIS support?

We are currently working on a tender where one core component is a Postgres installation running PostGIS. I wonder if there is some experience with running PostGIS in the context of Yugabyte. Anyone tried that out?


Hi @zopyx

Yes we support Postgis and some:

Many extensions should work out of the box except:

  1. Any extension that touches the storage layer will not work (or not correctly).
  2. Extensions that only touch the query layer should typically work but may not work correctly or the same as in Postgres.
  3. For instance, extensions that implicitly rely on some global state (e.g. statistics extensions) will only gather/report per-node information. That may be good for some extensions/use-cases but not for others.
  4. Additionally, some extensions may require unsupported query-layer features (like GiST or GIN indexes, deferred constraints, table inheritance, etc). These may partly work or not even run/install.

In PostGIS, to speedup queries you usually add GiST indexes, which aren’t currently supported but on the roadmap.