Openshift deploy yugabytedb failed: "/mnt/data0/pg_data/global/pg_control": No such file or directory

Deploy yugabytedb on Openshift platform , then it failed. The error log as following :
postgres: could not find the database system
Expected to find it in the directory “/mnt/data0/pg_data”,
but could not open file “/mnt/data0/pg_data/global/pg_control”: No such file or directory
W0915 02:22:43.697211 104] PostgreSQL server exited with code 512
I0915 02:22:43.697324 104] Restarting PostgreSQL server
W0915 02:22:43.699896 104] No hba configuration lines found, defaulting to trust all configuration.
I0915 02:22:43.703033 28] SECURE[C] kHandshake { local: remote: }: Handshake failed: Network error (yb/rpc/ Handshake failed: Network error (yb/rpc/ Unverified certificate: certificate has expired, address:, hostname: yb-master-0.yb-masters.yugabytedb.svc.cluster.local, certificate entries: []
I0915 02:22:43.707600 104] PostgreSQL server running as pid 4185

What steps did you follow ?

Hi dorian :
The steps as following.
1. Install “Yugabyte Operator”.
2. Deploy yugabytedb with “Yugabyte Operator”.

And there is another operator “Yugabyte Platform Operator”. Which one is the right operator?

@derry : You can try using helm charts at Deploy on OSS Kubernetes using Helm Chart | YugabyteDB Docs to bring up the DB cluster in Openshift.

For the issue with “yugabyte operator” please file a github issue with the exact steps followed and full details of the parameters.

Yugabyte Platform Operator refers to the management software Prepare the OpenShift environment | YugabyteDB Docs - if you are interested, please request a trial at Platform - Yugabyte


Thank you! I will have a try.