How to compile yugabyte-db from source code?

Hello everyone, I want to compile and execute yugabytedb through the source code on github. I encountered this problem when I first executed ./realease and then executed ./

Because it runs on a cloud server, the OS type is not ubuntu or centos,How to solve this problem?

Hi @Super-long

Please see docs here: Build from source code on macOS | YugabyteDB Docs

What is the OS ?

You can try building the dependencies yourself, using the --no-download-thirdparty option, but I suspect you might run into other issues if the scripts do not recognize the OS.

I made the above changes in, and downloaded the necessary software following the document, but I still encountered a problem. .

In fact I did not find

I ran into this problem when I tried to follow the documentation to compile with mac:

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