Helm Release Process

We moved all our helm charts to a public facing for of helm Charts Repo.

Issue Tracking:

  • Feature and Bug requests are created as issues against the repo and tagged appropriately. Issues would be prioritized and Developer assigned would update the issue with necessary design/implementation details. And once the feature is implemented they would update the issue with necessary steps.

Development Process:

  • A developer who is assigned the issue, would fork the charts repository and commit his/her changes to his fork and test them, and when ready for review would create a Pull Request against the main repo.
  • Make sure to bump the version of the chart accordingly.
  • YugaByte team would validate the PR by running our Internal Integration testing suite against the PR changes.
  • If above integration test is Green, an authorized personal would merge the PR request to the upstream repo.

Release Process:

  • Once the PR is merged, we would package and release the helm chart to our charts repository which is hosted in https://charts.yugabyte.com

Long Term Goal:
Right now we are using a fork of Helm charts repository, long term is to be able to merge our fork to upstream helm charts repo.