Yugabytedb Pod issue

Dear All,

I have installed yugabytedb on kubernetes cluster which is contain 4 nodes cluster but still yugabytedb pod status is pending only please give me proper solution for this issue.

All nodes 4 cpu with 4 GB RAM

Hello Vignesh,

Can you please add more details to help us debug the issue? Please include:

  1. The helm commands run
  2. kubectl get pods in the namespace used
  3. kubectl get svc in the namespace used
  4. kubectl describe pod yb-master-0 in the namespace used
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Thanks Sanketh,

I have mentioned details below.

1 helm commands run

helm install yb-demo yugabytedb/yugabyte --set resource.master.requests.cpu=0.5,resource.master.requests.memory=0.5Gi,resource.tserver.requests.cpu=0.5,resource.tserver.requests.memory=0.5Gi,replicas.master=1,replicas.tserver=1,enableLoadBalancer=False --namespace yb-demo

2.kubectl --namespace yb-demo get pods
yb-master-0 0/2 Pending 0 56m
yb-tserver-0 0/2 Pending 0 56m

3.kubectl --namespace yb-demo get svc
yb-masters ClusterIP None 7000/TCP,7100/TCP 58m
yb-tservers ClusterIP None 9000/TCP,12000/TCP,11000/TCP,13000/TCP,9100/TCP,6379/TCP,9042/TCP,5433/TC

4.kubectl describe pod yb-master-0 -n yb-demo
Warning FailedScheduling 61m default-scheduler 0/5 nodes are available: 5 pod has unbound immediate PersistentVolumeClaims.

From the pod log, pod cannot bind pvc.
Check your storage class name (kubectl get sc).
The helm chart default storage class is “standard”.
You can edit the deployment or redeploy the chart with:
helm install yugabyte --namespace yb-demo --name yb-demo --set storage.master.storageClass=,storage.tserver.storageClass= --wait

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Hi Stanley,

Thanks for you help,

I changed storage class name but still unbound issue. Please help me to solve the issue.

Please paste full error message and logs.

Hi All,

Thanks for your help,

I installed yugabyte on my clsuter sucessfully after one month I checked my cluser we geeting 1/2 crashloopbackerror on yb-server . Please give me proper solution

Sorry for my bad english urgently sent issue to community but laptop keyboards are not working properly.

How did you install it ? With yugabyted ?
What are your server resources ? (ssd,hdd,memory,cpu) ?
Can you paste some ERROR,WARNING logs from the db ?