Failed to determine new Master

We have 3 YB Nodes, each node is running master and t-server services. Initially, node01 was the leader, at some point node 3 got elected as a leader but the rest of the nodes are complaining about failing to determine a new master. How to resolve such issues?

W0424 17:13:15.740830 24645] Failed to determine new Master: Timed out (yb/rpc/ GetLeaderMasterRpc(addrs: [node02:9090, node01:9090], num_attempts: 98) passed its deadline 809790.614s (passed: 5.064s): Not found (yb/master/ no leader found: GetLeaderMasterRpc(addrs: [node02:9090, node01:9090], num_attempts: 1)

Hi @parvez

Can you upload more logs from these servers?
Do queries run ok from them?

Hi @dorian_yugabyte, ysql port got stuck due to network blips and name resolution failure. DB operations were working. Rolling-Restart of yugabyted service fixed the connectivity issue. Thank you for your response!

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