Error running yb-tserver, unexpected 'stop' message

I ran yugabyte using yb-ctl and see that the yb-tserver shows as “Stopped” in the status message. The tserver logs show some errors. How can I fix this?

F0726 21:04:42.803783 73018] Check failed: _s.ok() Bad status: IO error (yb/util/ Unable to write consensus meta file for tablet 22f779e2425b4a70a4033c1c2309b0f8 to path /home/centos/yugabyte-data/node-1/disk-1/yb-data/tserver/consensus-meta/22f779e2425b4a70a4033c1c2309b0f8: Call to mkstemp() failed on name template /home/centos/yugabyte-data/node-1/disk-1/yb-data/tserver/consensus-meta/22f779e2425b4a70a4033c1c2309b0f8.tmp.XXXXXX: Too many open files (error 24)

Too many open files is an ulimit error.
Does that fix it ?