Does yugabyte support IN operator?

We are using postgres on yugabyte 2.8.3

Does yugabyte support IN operator using YSQL syntax?

something like…DELETE FROM Customers WHERE Country IN ('Germany', 'France', 'UK');

RHS is array in our case

Hi Sham,
Yes of course, try this:

create table Customers as 
select * from unnest(array['Germany', 'France', 'UK','Switzerland']) Customers(Country);

DELETE FROM Customers WHERE Country IN ('Germany', 'France', 'UK');

Result: YugabyteDB 2.8 | db<>fiddle


But the yugabyte documentation says,
IN should be applied on records but not array

The combination = ANY is functionally equivalent to IN (but IN is illegal syntax when the RHS is an array).

Yes because IN operates on a set. But you can transform an array to a set with UNNEST if you need to:

WHERE Country IN (select unnest(array['Germany', 'France', 'UK']));