Changing cluster names and data centers

Hi, I know that we can configure cluster name and data center name in Cassandra. Is there a way we can configure them in yugabyteDB?

Thank you!

I tried change the cluster name in the way to change it in Cassandra but the System Namespace is Read-Only.

@AndrewLiuRM how did you try ?

Does this help you:

Look for AZ1_NODES and AZ2_NODES etc.

On YugabyteDB side we don’t have a notion of cluster name. For the second part of the question, these arguments are how you specify the zone, region, cloud name for each node (yb-tserver):

–placement_zone Name of the availability zone or rack where this instance is deployed.
–placement_region Name of the region or data center where this instance is deployed.
–placement_cloud Name of the cloud where this instance is deployed.


Got it! Thank you! Though it would probably be a good feature to have to support datastax and some legacy Cassandra code.