How to deploy Yugabyte if cluster has domain name?

I originally posted at GitHub here regarding how to deploy Yugabyte if cluster has domain name.

(Has details about how to reproduce inside the ticket)

I am wondering do we currently support

      - key: cluster-domain
        value: "”

if not, is there any workaround way?

I actually also asked another question at Stack Overflow about how to redirect traffic from .svc.cluster.local to in Kubernetes as I really hope to build POC to show how awesome Yugabyte it is to our team. :smiley:



Unfortunately you can’t override the domain name via operator installation unless you change the generated statefulset manifest (to replace the default cluster.local with your custom domain). However other alternative is to use our helm chart that supports overriding the domain name (if that’s an option)

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Just add an update, Alan helped by this pull request Issue updates by ajcaldera1 · Pull Request #42 · yugabyte/yugabyte-operator · GitHub

Now it works by adding

kind: YBCluster
  domain: # <- add this line


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