Cannot seem to connect on minikube at forwarded port

Environment: Ubuntu 20.04 on WSL2 in Windows 10 (trying airflow as well so WSL2 is a must)

Technologies: PGAdmin4, Minikube, kubectl, helm, Yugabyte (latest version as of August 4, 2020)

I am using the local install instructions at

The pods install and run successfully. I can access the logs and server.

I would like to access my new test/development cluster from PGAdmin4 externally.


  1. kubectl --namespace yb-demo port-forward pod/yb-tserver-0 5433:5433
  2. kubectl --namespace yb-demo port-forward svc/yb-tserver-service 5433:5433

Attempts were made to reach port 31877 as well.

No matter what I tried, I get the following:

Handling connection for
E0804 23:47:18.643623 11746 portforward.go:400] an error occurred forwarding 31877 -> 31877: error forwarding port to pod 1426128c0c9da1b1e2174f19399ae75740f872061fef686fdf15ccd08cd944eb, uid : exit status 1: 2020/08/05 05:47:18 socat[19321] E connect(5, AF=2, 16): Connection refused

= Port number for the attempt

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Hi @asevans48

Can you try this: ?

@dorian_yugabyte checking now thanks.

Works. Thanks! Now to figure out if I can add persistent storage for my production servers :slight_smile: