Are default ports of Yugabyte editable?

How can I change the default ports of Yugabyte for example, the web console port 7000?

It depends on the type of installation that you are doing. If you are using the yb-ctl utility to start a local instance then you can modify the yb-ctl python script to update the port list to the desired ports. In the current version of yb-ctl, see lines 434-449 in yb-ctl in the DAEMON_TYPE_MASTER and DAEMON_TYPE_TSERVER variables.
If you are using the manual installation instructions for AWS you can override specific ports with Gflags added to either the yb-master process or yb-tserver process.

Our port list is documented on this page in our documentation: YB ports reference

Port 7000 corresponds to --webserver_port, so you would add --webserver_port=7000 to your yb-master invocation.

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