Where can I find the description of the items in Metrics Page?

Hi guys,

I’m looking at the Metrics page(http://[ip]:7000/metrics) from Utilities. There are more than 400 items. So I’m wondering if there’s a manual including all the meanings or description of each item in metrics?


Hi @Kai,

We recently published a Grafana dashboard, not sure if that might be useful here. Hopefully we put in some description of the key metrics there (perhaps the title of the various charts can serve as initial descriptions), cc @sanketh.

Independent of the above, this has been a common ask, could you please open a new GitHub issue and we’ll use that to track the key metrics along with their descriptions?

Also, if you’re interested, would love for you to contribute the final, useful list (from your pov) to our docs. This would be useful to a lot of others.

Thank you @karthik for your reply and all the information.

No problem, I’ve submitted a new issue here.

And sure, I’d love to take part in these kind of docs. Where can I get started?

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Thanks for offering to help create metrics documentation. What experience do you have using metrics for monitoring databases and servers? I will work with the Yugabyte team to find a way to include you in helping create a listing of available metrics and, in particular, useful ones for performing health checks and performance testing. What kind of metrics are you looking to track?