What's the best way for migration from any DB to yugabyte?

Does anyone know the best method for migrating any DB to yugabyte or specific ways for specific DB’s, can someone please help me list them all?

Hello - You can use YugabyteDB Voyager for migration to Yugabyte from MySQL, Postgres, Oracle or Flat files as the source/source DB. Links to documentation: Migrate to YugabyteDB using Voyager | YugabyteDB Docs

Can you elaborate a bit on your use case and from which Database you are migration from? And if you’re new to YugabyteDB or have you managed to get an instance running either locally or using our SaaS offering YugabyteDB Managed?

I’m trying to migrate MSSQL over to yugabyte, is there a method to do so? I looked into voyager but it doesn’t support MSSQL.

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We have used sqlserver2pgsql/pgloader and our partner based solution for some of our customers to migrate from On-prem SQL Server as well Azure SQL Server to YugabyteDB. other option is if you please share the output from SQL server table as CSV or TXT files, we can use YugayteDB Voyager itself to migrate with import-data option. (offline migration). Happy to catchup with you as Prasad requested above please.