Wal archival in yugabyte

I am new to Yugabyte, going for a POC in yugabyte with YSQL, confused about WAL archival. If i use separate mount point for wal storage, do I need to set up WAL Archival separately? If so, it will be a great help if i can have the process.

Thanking you in advance

Hi @subh14, YugabyteDB uses PostgreSQL only for the stateless query layer, to provide PostgreSQL compatibility, but the storage (WAL, datafiles) is different: distributed over the network to the cluster.
The PostgreSQL WAL archival is not used. Each tablet n the tablet server has its own WAL in different format, replicated though Raft if you have Replication Factor 3 or more

Thank you Franck for your prompt response.
I have another query, which is…I have a Yugabyte 3 node cluster. System time is in IST, however nodes works in UTC, which is fine. Just want to know if I create a daily or monthly partition on a table, will it follow UTC time to store data in partition table or IST time?
And making --ysql_timezone IST, will it follow IST time to store data in partitions following IST timezone?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Can you show how you’re creating the partition and how the check is done?

Sure…I have a partition table temp and parition on datetime column. running a ysql as
create table temp_2024_01_17 partition of temp for values from (‘2024-01-17’) to (‘2024-01-18’)
And i am expecting the data should be inside temp_2024_01_17 table from 12 AM IST, system time is in IST.

There is no datetime column in PostgreSQL, so you need to be more specific.

What is the session timezone when the insert is done ?

show timezone;


(1 row)
…this is the output of show timezone; command

sorry…its column_name with timestamp with time zone data type.

By default, the comparison will be done in the current session timezone.

But you can also do it like so:

yugabyte=# show time zone;
(1 row)

yugabyte=# select to_char(now(), 'HH24:MI:SS'), to_char(now() AT TIME ZONE 'IST', 'HH24:MI:SS');
 to_char  | to_char  
 12:19:29 | 14:19:29
(1 row)

So you either have to change the time zone when the query runs (can be changed in multiple ways) or make sure to specify the timezone when making the comparison.

Hi Dorian
Thank you for your response. I am thinking about inserts.