Large cluster perf #1 - 25 nodes

We are currently doing performance benchmarking with large YugaByte cluster, and are excited to share the results of the first benchmark in this series.


Here is the benchmark setup:

  • 25 nodes in Google Compute (GCP)
  • Each node is a n1-standard-16
    • 16 vcpu’s
    • Intel® Xeon® CPU @ 2.20GHz CPUs
    • 60GB RAM
    • 2 x 375 GB direct attached SSD
  • Replication factor = 3
  • YugaByte Cassandra key-value workload
    • 40 byte keys
    • 16 byte values

You can find the source code for the key-value application here, and some documentation on developing apps on YugaByte.

100% Reads

  • 1.3M read ops/sec
  • Around 0.3ms latency on the server side
  • 65% average CPU on the YugaByte nodes

100% Writes

  • 500K write iops/sec
  • Around 1.5ms latency on the server side
  • 67% average CPU on the YugaByte nodes

We are able to see a linear scale-out as we go from 3 nodes all the way to 25 nodes. Stay tuned for results with larger cluster sizes as well as YCSB benchmarks!

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If you guys can benchmark with in-memory & against scylladb too that would be great.

Will do @ddorian43 - give us some time, but we’ll get to it soon.

By in-memory - did you mean in-memory tables?

Meaning data smaller than memory. So after warmup, you’re testing the caching layer when doing read-requests only.

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I was curious with @ddorian43 question.Did YB do a benchmark ?

Hi @harsha549,

Yes, we did try this out and actually ascertain that we can serve sub-millisecond latencies on a public cloud. Here is post detailing this (this is an older post, our perf is much better compared to this older version):


We loaded about 1.4TB across 4 nodes, and configured the block cache on each node to be only 7.5GB. On four 8-cpu machines, we were able to get about 77K ops/second with average read latencies of 0.88 ms.