Is this a new test bug?

The test case “TestPathUtil.TestODirectFileCreationInDir” fail to pass when I run it with root access.

The error is:

138: Relevant log lines:
138: [----------] 1 test from TestPathUtil
138: [ RUN      ] TestPathUtil.TestODirectFileCreationInDir
138: ../../../../../src/yb/util/ Failure
138: Value of: (CheckODirectTempFileCreationInDir(env_test, dir)).ok()
138:   Actual: true
138: Expected: false
138: Test failure stack trace:
138: ../../../../../src/yb/util/

After I added ‘LOG(INFO) << fname.get()<< " fd:"<<fd;’ in function CheckODirectTempFileCreationInDir, I got these:

[----------] 1 test from TestPathUtil
[ RUN      ] TestPathUtil.TestODirectFileCreationInDir
WARNING: Logging before InitGoogleLogging() is written to STDERR
I0419 23:32:18.368190  9414] /var/run.tmp.JTD0gl fd:3  
../../../../../src/yb/util/ Failure
Value of: (CheckODirectTempFileCreationInDir(env_test, dir)).ok()
  Actual: true
Expected: false
Test failure stack trace:

The /var/run.tmp.JTD0gl was created successfully,
but I guess the fname should have been /var/run/.tmp.JTD0gl, because the relevant code is

string dir = "/var/run"; // in TEST(TestPathUtil, TestODirectFileCreationInDir) 
ASSERT_NOK(CheckODirectTempFileCreationInDir(env_test, dir)); //in same function as before
string name_template = dir_path + kTmpTemplateSuffix;// dir_path==dir, kTmpTemplateSuffix==.tmp.XXXXXX in CheckODirectTempFileCreationInDir
ThreadRestrictions::AssertIOAllowed(); //in same function as before
std::unique_ptr<char[]> fname(new char[name_template.size() + 1]); //in same function as before
::snprintf(fname.get(), name_template.size() + 1, "%s", name_template.c_str()); //in same function as before

I seems that “dir_path + kTmpTemplateSuffix” should be “dir_path + “/”+kTmpTemplateSuffix” because you call “/var/run” a dir not a file prefix.

Plus: Sorry for my poor english(哈哈)

Adding a few folks who can help. cc @mbautin, @bogdan, @Timur

@lumedar, can you specify which OS are you using to run the tests and what are the command lines?

On my docker container
[root@69d63e0ff4fe etc]# cat system-release
CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)

138: Test command: /builds/database/yugabyte-db/build/debug-gcc-dynamic-community/tests-util/path_util-test --gtest_output=xml:/builds/database/yugabyte-db/build/debug-gcc-dynamic-community/yb-test-logs/tests-util__path_util-test/TestPathUtil_TestODirectFileCreationInDir.xml --gtest_filter=TestPathUtil.TestODirectFileCreationInDir

Does this test case need non-root access to run? Because when I run it with non-root access, it passes.

@lumedar, thanks for pointing out a bug in this test case - it should work under root account as well. I’ve created a GitHub issue and fix will be ready soon.

@lumedar, the fix has been committed into master branch:

Hi @lumedar,

I am marking @Timur’s comment as the solution, please feel free to comment if that did not solve the issue for you. Thanks!

Thanks. It has solved the issue.:grin:

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