Index creation error

I am trying to create an index on a table where writes are happening, it is throwing an error as below:

ERROR: Restart read required at: { read: { physical: 1707312966285020 } local_limit: { physical: 1707312966285020 } global_limit: in_txn_limit: serial_no: 0 }

I am using yugabyte version Please suggest how to resolve this.

Hi subh14,
Is this a concurrent or nonconcurrent index build (are there any INVALID indexes on \d thistable after this error)?
Does it consistently happen?
Could you share more logs?
I see a similar issue [YSQL][LST] ERROR: Creating index: Query error: Restart read required at: { read: { days: 19088 time: 16:29:09.991931 } local_limit: { days: 19088 time: 16:29:09.991931 } global_limit: <min> in_txn_limit: <max> serial_no: 0 } · Issue #11996 · yugabyte/yugabyte-db · GitHub

Hi Jason
its concurrent index build. There are no other indexes apart from primary key.
I could not find much in logs. However today I tried creating the index again, now its not throwing any error.
Couldn’t understand why it happened yesterday.