How to access YugabByte one node cluster from outside?

I have installed YugaByte and created a local cluster in one AWS EC2 (RHEL 8) machine by following this tutorial. The yugabyte is running as below:

enter image description here

The IP Address of the AWS EC2 machine is:

Now, I want to connect to the database using pgAdmin which is installed in my Windows machine and found that the server could be not reached.

enter image description here

enter image description here

I tried to run the yugabyte server with –advertise_address flag but still could not connect with pgAdmin.

 ./bin/yugabyted start --advertise_address=

I have tried with --listen flag but still could not connect.

./bin/yugabyted start --listen

How to change the listen address such as to any network so that the connection can be made to the yugabyte ysql server from the outside?

Hi @setu1421

Did you read my reply on your stackoverflow post database - How to connect to YugaByte local cluster from PgAdmin - Stack Overflow?

Have you made sure a firewall isn’t blocking the access to your server from outside?

Did you also try with psql or ysqlsh?

What is - the public or local address? The local one is on the VPC and is the one you put in ‘advertise_address’. The public one exposes it through NAT and is the one you use from your pgAdmin client.
You can check those addresses from the EC2 VM with:

grep ipv4s /run/cloud-init/instance-data.json
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